Summer 15

"I have always been "comfortable" with my weight throughout high school and even Freshman year at 115 lbs. I was never the one on a team in school or did any after school activities except dancing every once in a great while.

I thought that I'd be an expception to the "Freshman 15 curse" since I lived at home and took the lightrail and walked to school. I didn't worry about the food I ate. I thought that it only happened those who lived on campus. Also, I was mainly focused on school so I didn't go out to parties as much as the average student. And I never felt the need to weigh myself until school was over.

During the summer, the partying picked up and my unhealthy eating picked up as well. Because I was working, I'd get home late and missed dinner or I picked up something at the food court. My dinners turned from lemon chicken with rice to pizza, popcorn and top ramien soup. Also not to forget the one in the morning ice cream binge. Before I could realize it, I was two pounds away from "the curse". Do I feel gross? YES! Do I want to give up the booze? HECK NO! What will I do now? Who knows!"

San Jose State University


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