Sophomore 60 - College Weight Gain Story

"I have always been a chubby guy, except in high school when I managed to get down to 170.

I started college weighing around 190 at 5'10". Kinda chunky, but not too bad. But then my weight crept up to over 200 lbs., and my body resisted any attempts to work it off, and the numbers just kept climbing. By 220 lbs., I was getting worried, and by 230 lbs. I was really freaking out.

Just a year and some change later, I hit 250. At that point, I had trouble squeezing into some of the desks in class. I've never really had the discipline to stick with a weight loss program for long.

I'm now 28 and weigh 265 (last time I checked). I've never been able to get back under 250. :: SIGH ::"

J. E.
University of Memphis


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