The opposite of Freshman 15 - Freshman 15 Story

"I came to college weighing about 120 pounds, which was pretty average for my height of 5'4". when I came home two months later, my mom totally freaked out; I hadn't gained the Freshman 15, I had lost it, leaving me at a very low weight for my height and putting me at risk for lots of diseases.

Now, being a girl, I thought it was pretty cool that I was losing weight, until I took a food and nutrition class and realized I was way malnourished. I wasn't getting enough of anything I needed in my diet each day because I as skipping meals and replacing them with a small bag of chips or a soda.

I quickly changed my eating habits and got back up to 115 pounds, and stayed there. Now I'm healthy and I look it, too."

Bowling Green State University


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