Obese At Age 20 - Freshman 15 Story

"So, I entered college as a thin girl being 5'7" and 131 pounds. The freshman 15 hadn't really crossed my mind. I had always exercised regularly and ate fairly healthy. As I studied, i didn't do much exercise and as time went on, I didn't exercise at all. I started to eat more junk food and partied.

I didn't really notice until my pants started getting tight and when I looked in the mirror right before spring break. At this time, none of my pants fit and even my brand new ones got tight. I looked in the mirror one day only in my new 39 D cup bra and my underwear to see my butt had gotten huge, my thighs were much larger, a double chin, and most of all new rolls of fat were all around my huge belly that hung over my panties.

I hadn't stepped on the scale since january where i was shocked to see my gain of 56 pounds! bringing me to 186. I had gained a ton since then and decided to face the music and go on the scale. I stepped on and waited, I looked down but could barely see due to my belly. It read 232. I had gained 101 pounds in my freshman year all together and my parents were shocked.

I am now in my junior year and weigh 285 pounds. I have tried everything but can't lose the weight. Don't end up like me. Obese at age 20"



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