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"My first year at college I lived in the dorms and the food was gross and I was still running so I only gained a couple of pounds. I was about 6'3" and 165 pounds. I thought I had escaped the freshman 15. However, I moved out on my own and started "cooking." Cooking consisted of either fast food, frozen pizza, or something of the sort. Having a kitchen also meant I kept a lot of snacks and soda on hand.

Around mid November I noticed that I was starting to have quite a belly. Also around that time it started getting cold and I started wearing jeans and well none of them really fit anymore. My fear, someone is going to notice the weight that I have put on or notice that I have a bit of gut along with love handles now and everything.

I weigh about 183-185 pounds now. It sucks! I have this gross flabby stomach. If I don't start to watch my weight soon, Im gonna have moobs, that area is even starting to get a little jiggly. Don't go down this road, just watch what you eat."

University Of Oregon


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