Gained 70 Pounds Freshman Year

"In high school I had always been obsessive over keeping my weight low, to an unhealthy extent.

When I arrived at college I was 5'2" and 125lbs, healthy and fit. Due to a rough freshman year combined with no longer feeling the pressure to be thin like I did in high school, by the year's end I was 70, yes, SEVENTY pounds heavier going home for the summer than when I left.

I looked and felt awful and didn't want to see anyone I knew, so that made going to the gym out of the question, since it seemed half my high school went to college here. I yo-yo dieted here and there over the next few years, losing 20 lbs and then gaining back 30 lbs, etc.

By what should have been my senior year (I dropped to part time because I had to work full time to pay bills) I weighed a whopping 225lbs!

I was taking medication for extremely high blood pressure, and had my galbladder and appendix removed. So weight can affect your health, even at the age of 22! I was tired all the time and when I finally met the guy I am engaged to now, I was sad because he loved jogging and rollerblading and I just couldn't keep up.

Anyway, I joined weight watchers with my family and it's going great! The plan is easy to follow and not restrictive at all. I should have this weight off in about a year."

Western Michigan University


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