Freshman Respect Yourselves!

"I've never been a super skinny girl, but I was a healthy and athletic one in High School who was on the Varsity Cheerleading team for 3 years. When I moved out at 18 to go to college, I immediately started swapping home made meals for fast food which emptied my bank account too.

The only PE class I took was Yoga, which I barely attended. I started smoking, drinking, and got super lazy because I didn't hold myself accountable, and I no longer felt the pressure to look good in my cheerleading uniform- in fact, sometimes I went to class in pajamas!

I started to notice my stomach was no longer flat- that I could pinch it, and some of my jeans were tighter... no wonder I was wearing my elastic PJ pants! To top it off, with my lowering self-esteem and bad habits, I no longer respected myself and started sleeping with guys I usually wouldn't even date- and ended up pregnant.

On top of the freshman 30 that I gained, over the 9 months I was pregnant, I gained another 30 and developed gestational diabetes. A far cry from the happy athletic person I was in high school. I work out hard now, but it is coming off slowly. I want to be healthy for my son, and should graduate within the next year. But I never thought in my entire life I would go over the dreaded 200 mark- and I did. Hold yourselves accountable, Freshmen! RESPECT yourselves!"

Portland State University


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