Once you start it's tough to stop - Freshman 15 story

"When I started college I was 5'10" around 154lbs. It was average for my height but I'd probably put I had always been really thin so, starting college, without much worry, I basically let myself go. I was living at home so I snacked throughout the day and ate normally in the evenings. Sometimes I'd grab some fast food while at school or eat in the cafeteria. During fall semester I put on 7-8 pounds and over break maybe 3 or 4 more.

At around 165 I felt heavier but didn't really look much different. During the spring my snacking increased as did my trips to fast food places. It seemed like the bigger I got the more I packed it in and by summer I had hit 182lbs. Over the summer I had some coworkers make comments about my weight and I managed to exercise and diet back to 168 by late July but I yo-yo'd back to 176 by the beginning of the fall.

That fall I lost it and infrequent stops became frequent, every other day snacks became daily and I found myself coming back after Christmas break at 207lbs. I had gained 53lbs in a year and a half! Where I used to be at a healthy weight I was now obese and where I used to be comfortably thin I was uncomfortably fat.

It's been quite sometime since then and I did manage to lose most of that weight, though I used to hover around 185-190 quite frequently. Still, currently at 178, what is considered slightly overweight, it's easy to see that if you don't watch your weight and go too far it's tough to ever really get back."

Akron University


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