Freshman Roller Coaster - Freshman 15 Story

"A little over a year ago it was the summer before my freshman year at Uni. I had spent the summer lounging about playing video games and reading, and gained a bit of weight. So I wasn't exactly thin when I entered my first semester - 6'0" and 200lbs, with a 36 inch waist.

Surprisingly, during the first few weeks I dropped the weight I had gained due to the increased amount of walking I had to do every day. My pants were practically falling off. So school went fine and the year flew by.

By the time march rolled around, I realized that my shirts were getting harder to button up and my pants were nowhere near falling off. I moved back home a while later and stepped on a scale - 222lbs. My initial weight loss prompted my diet of fried chicken and cola all year, and I had gained 22 pounds, ballooning my stomach and adding two inches onto my waistline! I had to buy new clothes this summer to accomodate my 38 inches."

University of Waterloo


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