Freshman 60 - Broke My Scale Literally

"I was unaware of the first 30 pounds because my body didn't feel much different. My jeans fit, but more snuggly compared to when they used to fit loosely on me. I thought I was just bloated. My mom and aunts saw me in Christmas and said I got fatter. I thought they were just kidding, since they always said I was fat. To my family, any girl who weighs more than 100 is considered fat.

I didn't pay much attention to my weight until I gained another 20 pounds. That was when I started to really FEEL the difference. I started having a hard time breathing. I would breathe really hard after walking a block or two. I couldn't fit any of my jeans anymore. My favorite pair of black jeans, which used to fall off if I don't wear a belt, would not even go pass my thunder thighs.

I hopped on the scale in Spring. The scale read 173. I was shocked. I hopped off and checked the scale. I hopped back on. 173. I hopped off, then hopped back on. I guess I hopped on too fast and the scale was kind of old, so it broke.

I tried watching what I eat and exercise after that, but I couldn't help not overeating because I became so used to eating HUGE portion and the excessive weight made it very difficult for me to exercise. When I hopped on the elliptical trainer set to the lowest resistance for merely less than a minute, my back and knees would start aching until it escalated to a sharp pain.

Eventually, I gained another 10 pounds. Even after I really dedicated myself to exercising lightly (not in a way that would kill me) and eating healthier and less for over a year, I have only been able to stop the weight gain."

Clark College


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