Freshman 40 - Freshman 15 Story

"I wasn't overly concerned about gaining the freshman 15 as I was going to be living at home. I did really well for the first semester, I exercised as regularly as my school schedule allowed, and I ate relatively healthy.

In the second semester though, it all went out the window. I had more classes and was therefore at the school for longer periods of time. I began eating crappy caf food, and my workouts at the gym diminished greatly.

Around Feb I started noticing that some of my pants were getting tight, and I was developing a small belly. While I realized this wasn't great, I didn't really do anything active about it.

As a result by March my pants wouldn't even do up anymore, and all of my shirts kept riding up exposing my belly. I finally stepped on the scale and weighed in at 160!!

When I started I was 120, a petite girl, I had ballooned in only a few months. I began working out again and trying to cut back on my junk food, but I am almost done my second year of school and my weight is still sitting at 145 despite my efforts to loose the weight!"

University of Ottawa


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