Skinny Guy Gains Freshman 25 - College Weight Gain Story

"All my life I was the skinny guy in the family. Everyone wanted my metabolism and my appetite.

Jr. year of high school I gained a little but not much weight, but nothing to write home about.

When I entered college I was about 135 and 6 ft 1 ish so pretty skinny. I pretty much let myself go during the fall semester, drinking occasionally and eating whatever I felt like. I gained about 10 lbs by thanksgiving. Another 5 by christmas, and another 10 by spring. It was incredibly embarrassing going home and having your family notice the weight gain. I had gained a belly and I had to suck in to try to hide it.

I'm now into my sophmore year and I've already gained another 5 pounds. Being incredibly busy its hard to keep track of what I'm eating. I'm now 165 pounds and if I don't make a change, i'm probably gonna keep gaining. Hopefully i'll learn my lesson."

Michigan University


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