Shouldn't Have Been Surprised - Freshman 15 Story

"I only lived in the dorms one semester my freshman year and I gave myself a total free pass. I ate two or three plates at a time, kept all kinds of snacks in my room, and often ordered a second dinner of pizza late at night because the cafeteria closed rather early. I actually had a lot of fun eating whatever I wanted, but it definitely packed a gut on me.

The summer after I had gotten so used to eating big I gained a bit more. When I went to the beach some of my guy friends (some of whom filled out, but not quite as much as me) would pat my gut and joke like, "Looks like they fed you well at school, huh?" and stuff. It helps to have a sense of humor about it all.

I ended up back for sophomore year with about 35 extra on me. I stayed pretty much the same after that, but I had so much fun! that first year, I'm not even sure I'd do it differently if I could."



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