Freshman 15 Slowly But Surely - College Weight Gain Story

"The August before my Freshman Year, I was a slim 147 lbs at 6'0". This was the best shape of my life and I intended on maintaining it in college.

Freshman 15? Ha! Indeed, 15 was a joke. I gained that by Thanksgiving. You can chalk that up to pints of Ben & Jerry every other night, pizza, other fast food, and maybe a little bit of drinking, maybe. I had never been one for exercise, so that didn't help. I hardly ate breakfast. I stayed up until about 4 in the morning daily, too. All good things if you're tryin to gain weight.

By the end of Freshman Year, I was bout 170. Over the summer I went back and forth with weight, ending at about 167. But when I came back for my 2nd year... I said forget, and just gorged myself. I tried to gain weight, just to see how much I could gain.

Freshmen year, I could hide my wieght gain easy, just a quick suck of the stomach, but now I can hardly hold it in for 15 minutes. My what the gut I have, now at 184 or so and growing. Right after Thanksgiving too, to put a time line to it. If I hit 200... Well... I'll def start working out then."

C. G.
Loyola College, MD


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