Freshman 15 - Gained It Overnight

" Ok, my freshman year i was paranoid that i'd gain the dreaded "freshman 15". Through HS I was a thin tall girl of about 5'9" and weight in at 115 lbs.

Well, I was fine until mid october, when I outgrew my jeans in less than a week. It was around midterms with alot of late-night studying and pizza mostly from this late night place which serves until 4-5 AM. I had spent the majority of the week lounging around the dorms in sweat pants eating slice after slice of pizza, on 2 occasions finishing the whole pizza myself in a period of only an hour or two and being hungry a few hours later.

That Friday I went to put on a pair of jeans that I had worn only a week prior, but I couldn't get them up over my thighs. thinking that they just shrunk in the dryer, I tried another pair on, same thing. I began to panic, and went to weigh myself, I had gained a total of 11 lbs in one week. I promised myself that i'd eat less, but that just didn't last more than a couple days. I had stopped exercising and due to the increasing stress, I started to put down more and more food to the point I started eating whatever my friends didn't finish.

A month later (and many pants sizes later) I was approaching 150. I had gained 35 in one month leaving stretch marks and a belly that hung over my belt. I stopped caring as much about my weight as my boyfriend at the time thought I still looked good (mind you I went from a 34B to a 40DD in a little more than a month). I continued to gain not realizing how much food I was putting away and becoming increasingly more lazy.

That March was the point where I officially crossed the point of no return. I was eating enough to feed 2-3 people (If my friends brought me out to burger king, i'd eat 4 double whoppers, it didn't help I had the money to pay for it) and I was putting on weight like no tommorrow, I couldn't curb my appitite no matter how hard I tried. by the time classes ended in May, I weighed a total of 264lbs... about 149 lbs since september...

I am now a junior and am currently 342lbs and can't lose it. I have begun to accept my weight, but sadly I wish I would have caught myself earlier before I couldn't control myself anymore.

Freshman Year: 34B, 115 lbs, size 4 Jeans
Soph Year: 40DD, 270 lbs, size 16 Jeans
Junior Year: 42DDD 342 lbs, size 22 Jeans"

Penn State University


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