Freshman 15 Eating Disorder - Freshman 15 Story

"I was estatic to move away from home and be on my own my freshman year of college. With that in mind, I had some goals. To lose weight. At 5'2 and 140lbs, I was the chubby girl in highschool, and was miserable. I didn't want that same burden in college. By picking up a few packs of slimfast shakes, and being terrified of the busy loud dining centers, PLUS the FREE gym membership at my college's gym allowed for me to efficently lose the weight.

By Thanksgiving, I tromped home at 117 and felt amazing, but of course I didn't stop there. After becoming freinds with the girls in my dorm it was natural on a Tuesday night, after studying, that a pizza(s) would be ordered and consumed. Knowing that I still wanted to lose, but didn't want to be the "weird antisocial girl who can't even! share a pizza with her roommate" I would allow myself those small indulgences but would compinsate for either skipping class to go to the gym or purging my food.

2 years later, I have skipped enough classes to make my attendance negative in some courses, just to make it to the gym for a few hours, and have developed an eating disorder. To keep my freinds happy and to allow myself to "relax and have fun" I sacrificed my health, and even worse, fluctuate in weight so much I can gain or lose 10 lbs in a week.

With 2 more years of college left, I hope to just maintain a healthy weight, and over come my eating disorder, which has taken more time and more stress than a college student needs on their plate. As a college student, we already have enough stress to wear us down for years after, this not helping me one bit. At 103, I feel huge, but is smaller than what I came to school with, which lets me see that I did accomplish a huge goal, but again, am paying for it now."

University of North Dakota


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