Freshman 15 and Counting... College Weight Gain Story

"I arrived at college fairly thin: at just under 5'4" I weighed in around 105 pounds. I was fairly well proportioned, so I wasn't worried about my weight being on the low side.< I'd never had trouble keeping my weight down in the past (in fact, I used to have trouble keeping weight ON), but living in a dorm, eating food with tons of sodium and late night pizza calls took their toll.

By the end of my freshman year, I'd gained just over 15 pounds, which put me at 120. This was still in the normal range for my height, but when I got home and realized how much I'd gained, I grew depressed. Add to this the fact that I was working a desk job and I put on another 7 or 8 pounds over the summer, putting me at almost 130 pounds. I gained nearly twenty pounds in a single year!"

Smith College


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