Fresh 15? More like Yucky Cellulite

"When I started Uni, I had lost about 10lbs during the summer, had a gorgeous tan and had quite a few male admirers. I would exercise almost regularly. Then exams rolled around and my god, that screwed me up. I didn't study, I had pizza at 4am, I would get a starbucks almost every 4 hours. I had to have candy, something sugary to keep me awake. I had gained 10 lbs within the end of feburary.

The worst part my parents began to mock me saying how ugly I looked and how frumpy I had became. Not only that my gorgeous legs I onced had were now cellulite garabage bags. But with the caferia food every where I went and all the meal plan money on my student card. What was I supposed to do, let all the money go to, to my hips.

When summer came around I was 20lbs heavier, all most 2 sizes bigger then what I usually am. The entire summer I joined a rugby team, worked out nearly 5 times a week. And lost 15lbs. I have 5 more to go. But now I am on the varsity rugby team at my school and I hope I dont fall into that downward spiral of binge eating."

University of Toronto


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