Beyond Freshman Year - College Weight Gain Story

"I had started out a little heavy from highschool, and freshmen year I was determined to get in better shape. This worked for awhile - I went to the gym regularly and the cafeteria gave me some structure to my eating.

When I moved out of the dorms and started my sophomore year everything changed. I started going out to eat a lot more and started working, so I didn't have much time to exercise. I went from a "chubby" young woman to very large one. Of course it wasn't instant, but between my sophomore and senior year I managed to gain 60 lbs. It was a substantial amount of weight to say the least.

It's awful going home to see friends and family and having them stare at you and make comments about your size. The extra weight has also made clothes shopping a lot harder. I know it varies by person, but the vast majority of my weight went to my hips, which is a huge pain. That extra weight is really limiting - I used to be able to run around and play sports, but now simple things like walking a few blocks is hard... its embarassing and I can't believe it happened to me!

I wanted to share my story to encourage other young girls to be more careful. You don't need to starve yourself - but please don't let you weight get as out of control as I have. Its not worth it... and its not healthy. It's never to late to work on getting healthier, but it gets a lot harder the heavier you get."

J. S.
University of Wisconsin - Madison


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