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Don’t Fail the “Freshman 15” Test

Notorious Weight Gain Does Not Need to Plague College Career

As summer approaches its end, many 17- and 18-year-olds prepare to leave the nest for the first time to begin their journey into adulthood. And for many, that journey begins with college. This next stage involves many new steps, including learning new lessons, accepting new responsibilities, adjusting to new roommates, going to parties, taking exams and, unfortunately for some, gaining weight.

For some incoming college students, gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15” is a mere prerequisite of college life. It’s synonymous with going to classes, studying and hanging out with friends. No longer under Mom and Dad’s safety net – or supervision – many students fall prey to new habits, new workloads and new challenges – including a smorgasbord of dining hall meals – all of which can make it easier to leave college with not just a degree, but also a few extra pounds.

According to Weight Watchers®, the “Freshman 15” need not be an inevitable part of life. By planning meal schedules, setting realistic expectations and anticipating situations that may trigger overeating, the notorious college souvenir can be completely avoided.

“Everything completely changes for students when they get to college, and if unprepared, these new situations can lead to physical and emotional scenarios that ultimately can lead to undesired weight gain,” said Karen Miller-Kovach, M.S., R.D., Chief Scientist at Weight Watchers International, Inc. “The ‘Freshman 15’ does not need to be the defining point of the college career take the necessary strides to determine your personal food profile and adhere to a food regimen that’s best suited to your new lifestyle.”

Weight Watchers offers the following tips to help undergrads pass the test and avoid the “Freshman 15”:



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