Freshman 15 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Freshman Fifteen

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Freshman 15. If you have a question not on this list, contact us and we might add it to this list.


What is the Freshman 15?

The freshman 15 (also known as the freshman fifteen) is the name of a condition where freshman college students gain fifteen pounds (on average) typically during their first semester of college. The freshman fifteen is more of a common term, and is not an official medical condition. The freshman fifteen is not a disease or a virus. It is just a time period in a teenagers life when they have to become more responsible about their health and eating habits. Read real freshman 15 stories from real college students.

Why does the Freshman 15 affect girls more than guys?

Males on average are not significantly effected by the Freshman 15. Girls seems to be more vulnerable to the weight gain, and therefore need to take extra precautions. College females tend to consume more junk food on average then their male counterparts. Females that were active in sports throughout high school, but are now no longer active need to be extra careful because without having daily physical activity, calories are not being burned like they used to. Healthy eating habits should be implemented, and excercise should be introduced to daily activity.

What is the Freshman 15 Challenge?

The freshman 15 challenge is for all freshmen students to challenge themselves to stay fit, and not gain the dreaded freshman fifteen. With self dicipline, this challenge can be conquered.

What are the causes of the freshman 15 gain?

Causes include eating unhealthy foods in the cafeteria, keeping unhealthy foods and snacks in your dorm room, lack of exercise, drinking too much alcohol.

How do I avoid the freshman 15 in college?

You can avoid the freshman 15 by eating healthy foods, avoid late night snacking, exercising, and not drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. More on: how to avoid the freshman fifteen in college


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