Freshman 15 : Why College Freshmen?

Why a college freshman is the most susceptible to gaining weight

Typically the first semester at a college or university is a transitional period for a college freshman, where they break apart from the rules and regulations of their parents to become self ruling young adults. This change of lifestyle removes the parental guidance teens have lived with their entire life. In this new environment, a college freshman is able to go as they please, do what they please, drink and eat what they want, when they want.

A college freshman depressed about the freshman 15In most family environments parents determine the time of dinner and what is served. At most colleges and universities, students are presented with various food choices for each meal. The problem is there is no one there to tell students what is healthy and what is not. The student tends to eat what taste's good rather then getting the nutrition they need. In the household they may be forced to eat vegetables, but in the cafeteria, they are allowed to eat whatever they want (pizza, ice cream...).

Why not the sophomore 15?

Upperclassmen are also susceptible to weight gain, but they have many advantages over freshman: They have already experienced the first year of college (and the freshman 15), so they know what to look out for, and what they have to do from the first day of the semester. Upperclassmen tend to exercise, and take care of themselves better than freshman. Some live in off campus housing and do not go to the cafeteria anymore. Some cut down on (or don't get involved in) drinking. On the other hand, many upperclassmen do gain weight, sometimes much more than 15 pounds. On average though, freshman tend to be most likely to gain the weight.

Freshman 15 girls vs. guys

Girls tend to be more susceptible to the freshman 15 than guys. Some blame genetics for the ability for females to gain more weight than their male counterparts. Freshman girls tend to put on the extra pounds in different locations around their body including their hips, thighs, breasts, butt, and stomach. Males tend to mostly gain the weight around the waist.

More College Freshman Tips

The college survival guide has additional tips and information for freshman on preparing for college, and a guide on what to do, and what not to do your first semester of college.


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