Weight Gain Tips: How to Avoid the Freshman 15

Find weight gain tips to help you avoid the Freshman Fifteen while attending a college or university

Avoiding the Freshman 15 can be tough for some college freshmen. On paper it sounds easy: exercise, avoid eating unhealthy cafeteria food, avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, avoid eating food late at night, and don't keep unhealthy snacks in the dorm room. Let us dive deeper into each of these topics to get a better understanding of how these habits increase your chances for gaining the Freshman 15.

Exercise and the Freshman 15

Healthy woman (freshman 15 was avoided) Regular exercise can be your biggest weapon against fighting the Freshman Fifteen. Working out helps tone muscle, and running helps burn fat and calories. All college students should include some type of exercise in their daily routine.

Jogging and going to the gym are two great ways to stay in shape and feel great about yourself. Gym's at colleges and universities are typically free to students, and have equipment for just about everyone. Students can run or walk on a treadmill, ride a exercise bike, or other aerobic machines to help burn fat with cardio workouts. Other options include lifting weights to turn fat into muscle.

Freshmen who work out regularly, tend to be able to "cheat" a little (drink alcohol or eat un-healthy foods occasionally) and not worry as much about gaining the weight, because can can burn off the extra calories.

Eating Healthy in College

For more tips and suggestions, check out our healthy eating guide for college students.


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