The Freshman 15 and Alcohol

Drinking beer is a major factor in gaining the Freshman 15

One of the major causes of the freshman 15 is drinking alcoholic beverages. Beer is usually the major contributor to the weight gain because of its empty calories, and typically has less alcohol by volume. At many schools, students gain the freshman fifteen by attending basement keg parties that involve drinking in a crowded basement, and waiting in line for beer from a keg. Freshman are usually not used to the freedom of being away from parents, so they choose to stay out and drink as late as they want. Drinking late at night also tend to lead to other freshman fifteen contributors such as late night foods. Read our freshman 15 stories from real college students to get a student's perspective on the effect of alcohol.

Beer and the Freshman 15

The Freshman 15 weight gain is caused by drinking lots of beerMany college freshman students give into the temptation of alcohol (such as beer) and parties while attending college. Because most freshman are under the legal drinking age (bars are not an option), they tend to attend local parties where beer is served. This is fun and exciting for these freshman with a new sense of freedom. They can stay out as late as they want with no curfew, and do as they please. Freshman tend to get in the habit early of going out drinking many drinks on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. All this alcohol adds many empty calories, and leads to getting "late night" food such as pizza.

Keg parties and the Freshman 15

Freshmen usually attend parties on or off campus that serve beer out of kegs. Drinking from cups and a keg allow some to lose track of how much they are drinking, which can lead to drinking more than they originally intended. Standing in line in a dirty basement clutching an empty solo cup becomes standard procedure. The one good thing about keg parties is, if they are thrown correctly there will be music on to dance to, which helps fight the freshman 15.

Drinking games and the Freshman 15

Drinking games can also contribute to excessive drinking and at times alcohol rehab. Games such as Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Quarters, and Card Games, are all distractions that take the focus away from the amount of alcohol consumed, and focus more on the competitiveness of the game itself. These games are ways coed's can socialize in a fun environment, but excessive drinking in any form leads to the freshman 15.

Freshman 15 Hope

There is hope, by cutting down on your alcohol intake, exercising and following our tips on how to avoid the freshman 15, you should have no problem keeping the weight off, look and feel great.


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