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The Mission: To educate current and future college student about what happens to many college students the first semester at college and help first semester freshman lead healthier lives, and feel better about themselves.


The Freshman Fifteen team is brought together for the general purpose of educating the world about the Freshman 15. We like to facilitate online discussions, and engage in debates to find the truth behind the Freshman 15. While we try to keep most of the content on this site light hearted (ex: the freshman 15 song) we try not to offend anyone in any way. If we can educate ourselves by laughing at ourselves, at least we are learning. View and post comments on our freshman fifteen website comments page.


The use of advertisements (Google Adsense) on this site is used primarly to cover the yearly cost of the server that hosts Freshman15.com.

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The external resources this website links to in the freshman 15 resources section have all been checked for credibility. If you have any articles that you think would be beneficial to this site please contact us.

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Our freshman 15 stories section contains real stories from college students sending in their personal experience with the freshman 15 via our contact us form. Submit your story today!

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Chris Phillips is the author of most the content on the freshman15.com website. The information and resources on this site are provided as is, and Chris Phillips will not be held responsible for misuse or misunderstanding of the content on this site.

Statement from Chris Phillips

"I am not a nutrition expert, sociologist or journalist. My educational background is a B.S. in Marketing and a Minor in Web Technology. The purpose for creating the site was to build a website that could be the main "hub" of information for those searching for information on the freshman fifteen. In college I observed, talked to a lot of students, and did some research on the freshman 15. I enjoy developing websites, especially free information based websites that help younger people."

Thank you for visiting our site,

Chris Phillips


If you have any questions or comments for Chris Phillips, he can be contacted via the contact us form.


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