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Freshman 15 Overview

Most associate the term "Freshman 15" with the phenomenon of how college students gain weight their first semester attending a college or university. College freshmen seem to be the most susceptible to gaining weight their first semester (or year) at college, mostly attributed to a severe lifestyle change. Find out more in our Freshman 15: Why College Freshman? section.

Causes of the Freshman 15

Freshman 15 weight gain: A college student eating a burger The causes of the freshman 15 may seem to be common sense for many people, but others struggle to understand why they gain so much weight during the first year at a college or university. Here is a list of a few of the causes of the freshman fifteen that should be avoided as much as possible:

Note: These causes do not seem to apply to students that decide to take college online their freshman year. For more information on eating healthy, see our healthy eating guide for college students

Freshman 15 Facts

Contrary to common belief, most freshman college students do not gain 15 pounds. Recent studies show that on average, most freshmen gain 5 pounds. Note: This is just an average, indicating there are students who gain much more weight than that, and some students loose weight.

The Freshman 15 Challenge

The freshman 15 challenge is to stay fit and eat healthy while maintaining a very busy schedule. Most college students are constantly on the go, which makes it more difficult to find time to exercise, and to eat right instead of just grabbing "fast food". Challenge yourself to make healthy eating and regular exercise part of your daily routine to help avoid the freshman 15.

Real Freshman 15 Weight Gain Stories

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Freshman Fifteen Q & A

If the Freshman 15 is new to you, you may want to check out our Freshman 15 Frequently Asked Questions section, or see what other college students have posted in the Freshman 15 Forum.

How to avoid the Freshman 15

Avoiding the Freshman 15 is simple, all students have to do is exercise and avoid the causes: Eating unhealthy cafeteria food, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, eating food late night, and keeping unhealthy snacks in the dorm room. Instead try buying healthy foods at your local grocery store that is nutritional and nourishing. Learn more about how to avoid the freshman 15.

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